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From Manuscript to Bestseller


3 – 5 May 2006 (Wed – Fri)

Geylang East Public Library
50 Geylang East Avenue 1
Singapore 389777

Course Fee: $390.00

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This workshop will provide all those with an interest in book publishing an understanding of the complexities of the processes involved. They will learn both the overview and details of what goes into a book from manuscript to display on the bookshelves. With the help of lectures, case studies, group work and written exercises, this programme provides the practical applications of the intricacies of publishing.


Main issues in publishing, marketing, publicity, brand management, book design, editing, illustration, colour separation, choice of paper, binding and author management. 


Contemporary Issues in Publishing

Changes to the supply chain, in customer expectations, in the move to global information without geographical boundaries, and new sales and marketing channels. The impact of the Worldwide Web, supermarkets as sales channels, and E-marketing. Using project management skills to schedule and plan realistically within the context of today’s market. Examples from publishing industry and the sales of other products.

Tools of Marketing and Publicity

How publishers promote books. How authors can work closely with publisher to sell the books. Writing the press release.
Writing Blurbs that Sell: For marketing flyers, consider how to write fresh copy to make each book sound different. Why increasingly sophisticated audiences require more personal and shorter copy to get their attention. Cut out redundant descriptions focusing instead on persuading the audience to act.

Examples from publishing industry and the sales of other products.

The Importance of Branding

Brand management. What is a brand in publishing: the publisher, the book, the author. Overseas examples of successful publishing brands.

Design: Make your Book Desirable

Design trends in book covers and in page design, especially for coloured illustrated books. What works in North America? What works in Europe?

  • Production: Putting Quality into a Book
  • Quality of Content and Writing
  • Quality of Editing. Professional Editorial Standards
  • Quality of Typesetting and Layout
  • Quality of Illustrations; line work and halftones
  • Quality of Colour Separation
  • What kind of printing is best?
  • Choice of paper
  • What kind of binding is affordable?

Author Management

Initiatives to support the author/publisher partnership.

  • Book proposals
  • Editor’s standard objections
  • Working well with the editor
  • Understanding house style
  • Understanding copyright and avoiding infringement
  • Understanding the publishing contract. 

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