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Cooperative Learning and Extensive Reading

By Dr George Jacobs

5 April 2008 (Sat)
10.00am - 1.00pm

Merpati Hall, Level 3
Geylang East Public Library
50 Geylang East Avenue 1
Singapore 389777

Course Fee: $85.00

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There are strong, widely disseminated evidence supporting Extensive Reading (ER). Research suggests that ER is precisely the prescription for attaining high scores on reading exams. However, implementation has been infrequent and often less than a success due to problems such as lack of reading materials, and inadequate attention given by teachers as they often face a great deal of pressure to finish the syllabus - to do every single activity on every single page of the textbook or workbook. This workshop aims to prepare teachers with ways for students to motivate each other to read more.


Some students are not very interested in reading. Others who do read, do not read challenging or varied books.

Combining cooperative learning with extensive reading can address these problems, because:

  1. Students can infect each other with enthusiasm for reading.
  2. Students can suggest good and varied ER materials to each other.
  3. Students can write ER materials for each other. 
  4. More proficient students can help other students better understand what they read.
  5. Peers provide an audience with whom


This workshop introduces/reviews basic principles of cooperative learning:

  1. positive interdependence
  2. individual accountability
  3. equal opportunity to participate
  4. maximum peer interaction

Then, various cooperative learning techniques are presented that can be used in a variety of extensive reading contexts. Teachers have a chance to experience these techniques first hand. The techniques are:

  1. Showdown
  2. Exchange-A-Question
  3. Circle of Speakers
  4. Circle of Interviewers
  5. Book Wheels


For educator and parents of Primary school students and preschool children (K1 and K2), and anyone working to improve the language skills of learners at different levels.

About the Trainer: Dr George Jacobs

Dr George Jacobs

Dr George Jacobs has taught collaborative learning to a wide variety of teachers in Singapore, from teachers of lower primary students to teachers of adults. Furthermore, he has written many articles and books on collaborative learning, reading and related topics. George serves on the boards of the International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education and the Extensive Reading Foundation. Currently, he teaches at James Cook University, as well as helping the Book Council.

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