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The Art of Story


13 November 2009 (Fri)
9.30am - 5.30pm

Imagination Room, Level 5
National Library Building
100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064

Course Fee: $280.00

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You Can Write a Work of Genius! Rob Parnell’s brand new writing course will teach you:

  • * The techniques employed by all great fiction writers
  • * The simple secret of apparent genius
  • * How to design compelling novels and short stories
  • * How to totally win over editors and publishers
  • * How to ensure long term fiction writing success.


First, we examine the mechanics of story form. We look at which forms are appropriate for your own stories - with tips on how best to achieve excellent and compelling results.

We will also examine writing disciplines for short, medium and longer works. Plus, how different genres require differing approaches.


Here we look at practical issues. How to develop characters and their agendas into plot. We study point of view and the narrator's perspective. How to plan and brainstorm ideas to find the heart and soul of your story.

We analyse structure versus content, consider style, tone and sensory density. We ask, what's the difference being literary fiction and commercial storytelling - and which is your speciality?


Still on the practicalities of writing, we examine literary techniques: the use of words as tools or descriptors. We look also at creating character empathy, the use of imagery, and conveying meaning through metaphor and the use of simile.

Crucial info on the elements of story. The effective stringing together of story 'beats' like scenes, events and transitions. How to pace and build intensity from the beginning, through the middle, to a satisfactory and climactic end.

Tips on how you can vary dialogue - advice on internal dialogue and how to convey the inner journey of the characters without the use of exposition. Also, show don't tell - and when this is inappropriate.


Finally, we indulge in a fascinating treatise on inspiration versus method, where we learn about the rhythm and resonance of the author's voice versus the cadence of character.

We look at market relevance, the importance of objectivity in your message - and your quest for literary immortality.


Throughout the course we will cover writer's motives for telling great stories, plus other more practical issues like how to achieve the writer's mindset, and the use of templates for the effective planning and execution of your stories.

Other topics include establishing convincing timelines, scenarios, creating subplots, foreshadowing, and developing relationships, mystery and suspense.

About the Trainer: Rob Parnell

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Rob Parnell's career has spanned journalist, actor, recording musician, contracts manager, now freelance writer and writing mentor. His book, "The Easy Way to Write a Novel", became an Internet bestseller in 2002 and is still one of the top ten web downloads to this day.

Rob divides his time between his offline Writing Academy and his online passion: The latter is recognised by Writer’s Digest as the 101 Best Websites for Writers. He lives with his partner, Robyn Opie, also a writer, and between them they have over 130 published books, short stories, and various other writing and motivational resources. "The Art of Story" is Rob's latest creation.

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