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Digital Product Development in Publishing


20 October 2010 (Wed)
9.30am – 5.30pm

National Library Building
100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064

Course Fee: $280.00

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The advent of digital media brings both opportunities and challenges in product development. This workshop, intended for publishing professionals in the areas of production, design, and editorial development, provides an overview of concepts and challenges involved in digital product development.

Course Content

Digital Product Development Defined

  • Producing Digital Offerings
  • Platform-driven Publishing Workflow

Digital Opportunities: New Product Offerings

  • e-books
  • Enhanced e-books
  • Printing on Demand
  • Digital Customisation
  • Application-based Product

Digital Workflow

  • Structured Asset Management
  • Data-driven workflow
  • Automation

Digital Assets

  • Introduction to Digital Assets
  • Product Assets
  • Production Assets
  • Metadata
  • Semantic tagging
  • Data Types

Digital Asset Management

  • Asset repositories
  • Process Management
  • User Interfaces
  • External Systems Interfaces
  • System Layers

XML Overview

  • XML Defined
  • History and Significance of XML
  • Separating Content from Style
  • XML in Cross-Platform Product Development
  • XML-based Workflows
  • Limits to XML

Digital Design

  • The Strategic Value of Digital Design
  • Cross Platform Design
  • Design for Non-print Product
  • The Rise of the Technical Designer

Developing for Mobile Devices

  • Dedicated Readers
  • Beyond Readers: General Purpose Devices
  • The significance of the iPad

New Skill-Sets in the Publishing Organization

  • Information Architects
  • Technical Developers
  • Technical Quality Assurance
  • Database administration

Digital Delivery Partners

  • e-book Distribution Partners
  • “Database” Platforms
  • Application Platform Partners

Best Practices

  • Normalizing Assets
  • Use of Industry Standards
  • Structuring content “upstream”
  • Evolving Capabilities

Who Should Attend:

Editorial and Publishing Managers, Commissioning Editors, Senior Editors, and those
involved in design and production.

About the Trainer: Andrew Brenneman

Andrew Brenneman

Andrew Brenneman is the President of Finitiv and a regular columnist for Book Business Magazine.

He has been leading digital media initiatives for over 25 years, within publishing organisations, digital agencies and Internet service companies and has been awarded Patents for digital media innovation.

He is the creator of NETg’s Skill Builder digital learning platform, led the strategy and development for Thomson Learning’s WebTutor e-learning platform, and led product design and execution for Freemark Mail - the first advertiser-supported email service. Andrew founded the Digital Media Group of The University of Chicago Press Books Division, where he initiated digital distribution programs for the Books Division and the creation of The Chicago Manual of Style Online.

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