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Rights and contracts in the publishing industry


27 April 2015 (Mon)
9am - 5.30pm

IP Academy, 51 Bras Basah Road, #01-01 Manulife Centre, Singapore 189554

Course Fee: $428.00

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Eligible media practitioners, including full-time media freelancers, are subject to up to 90% grant of the total course fees (excluding GST) with the MDA Talent Assistance (Training) Scheme.Please scroll to the end of the page for more information on the application process.


Join us in this full-day course and start equipping yourself with knowledge on Intellectual Property rights and issues in the publishing industry, including e-publishing/digital rights, translation rights and adaptation rights. This course is also designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Copyright, Trade Marks and Contract law in the publishing industry. Learn how to achieve success in the publishing world today!


Day 1

I. Intellectual Property Issues in Publishing (3 hrs)

  • Fundamentals of Copyright Law 

          What are copyright protected works

          Ownership issues – works by employees and free-lancers

           Duration and rights in copyright protected works

  • Liability of Publishers for Copyright Infringement and Defences
  • Copyright Clearances

         Use of Third Party Materials

         Online Materials and Terms of Use

         Obtaining clearances and licences

         Orphan Works

  • Implications of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012
  • Use of Trade Marks in the Publishing Industry

II.Introduction to Contract Law (0.5hr)

  • What constitutes a legally binding agreement
  • Documenting the agreement
  • Breach of Contract and Remedies

V. Publishing Rights (2.5 hrs)

  • Grant of publishing rights

        Review of clauses for different scope of rights

        Discussion on e-publishing / digital rights

  • Sub-Publishing Rights
  • Ancillary/Subsidiary Rights
  • Translation Rights
  • Overview of adaptation rights to different media platforms

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