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Show, Don’t Tell - Know how to let your writing flourish

By Shelley Kenigsberg

15 September 2018 (Sat)
9:30am – 5:30pm

Singapore Book Council Training Room
Singapore Book Council Training Room
90 Goodman Road, Blk E #03-32
Goodman Arts Centre
Singapore 439053

Course Fee: $200.00
Eventbrite Registration Fee: $6.99

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Show, Don’t Tell. You’ve heard it a hundred times, but what does this writing mantra mean, and how do you apply it to your work? The workshop will consider the use of exposition and descriptive writing as well as how to reveal character, plot and theme in a manner that evokes feeling and keeps the reader engaged.

Is it always true that we should show not tell? Is it okay to sometimes tell what has happened or will this just bore the reader or give them a predictable ‘blueprint’? Show, Don’t Tell is a matter of discerning just the right amount of summary and including the right number and types of scenes to create an enduring and dynamic narrative. 

How does ‘Showing’ and ‘Telling’ relate to scene-shaping and word choice, or dialogue or point of view? What’s the use of summarising and how much can we do that? How can knowing this help a writer craft a marketable novel or non-fiction work? All these questions will be answered...and more.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify examples of ‘showing’ and ‘telling’ in writing
  • Apply the principles of ‘scene’ and ‘summary’, and use deep and vivid description, or summarise appropriately, to advance the plot and shape the work
  • Recognise and apply decisions of word choice; point of view; dialogue and other appropriate structural elements to bring out the best in your writing

Participants should bring samples of their own (or another’s) writing, where they think there’s a particularly powerful use of description and the story/character/mood etc has been shown to great effect.

Who Should Attend: Writers

About the Trainer: Shelley Kenigsberg

Shelley Kenigsberg

Shelley Kenigsberg is a prominent freelance editor, writer and trainer. She runs S K Publishing (working with a range of private and publishing clients) and, since 2009, has presented Editing in Paradise masterclass programmes. She is currently involved in training editors, mentoring writers, and editing and writing for trade, corporate, academic and educational, government and private clients.

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