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Multi-channel Publishing & Innovative e-Publishing


6 – 7 February 2012 (Mon – Tue)
9.00am – 5.00pm

National Library Building
100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064

Course Fee: $330.00

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Multi-channel Publishing

How can publishers transition to a cost-saving publishing model that can still support traditional print production? This workshop will look at the current strategies of major houses, how consumer expectations and technological limitations can impact production and challenges of in-house and outsourced eBook productions.

State of the Industry


  • Overview of class
  • Roundtable discussion of current practices and challenges

Capitalising on Electronic Publishing

  • Overview of state of the publishing industry
  • The facts of market demand for eBooks, electronic magazines, and other e-publishing projects
  • Why e-publishing doesn’t have to be the end of your print publishing
  • Redefining effective print publishing workflows to include effective digital publishing

State of the Publishing Industry

  • Review latest publishing industry surveys and results
  • What these mean to publishers
  • Discuss coming trends

Workflows for a Digital Environment

Migrating from Print

  • Review of current print-based workflows
  • Re-imagining content
  • Considerations for digital and multi-channel delivery
  • The role of XML
  • XML when?
  • Necessary tools
  • Necessary skill sets

EBooks, Enhanced eBooks and Apps

eBook Formats and Devices

  • Different forms and formats of eBooks and e-publications: EPUB, EPUB3, and KF8 eBooks, enhanced eBooks, fixed layout, iPad-ready apps
  • Which devices and applications support each format
  • Feature comparison of each format
  • Limitations of each format

Designing Rich Media e-Publications

  • What is a “rich media e-publication” and what can you do with it?
  • Creating and using paragraph and character styles
  • Adding graphics, video, audio, and animated content
  • Creating internal and external hyperlinks
  • Adding page transitions
  • Creation rollover and clickable actions
  • Creating animation and controlling timing
  • Adding interactivity and rich-media to existing publications
  • Generating distributable formats
  • Securing e-publications against theft and modification

Deploying and Marketing eBooks and e-Publications


  • Challenges
  • Considerations
  • In-house vs. outsource


  • Proofing eBooks and e-publications, what to look for, and how to make changes
  • Uploading eBooks to the various devices
  • Getting your e-publication into iBooks,, Barnes & Noble, and other e-trailers


  • Distributing eBooks
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Selling eBooks: why, how, how much
  • Managing subscriptions and services

About the Trainer: Eric Freese

Eric Freese

Eric Freese is a veteran of publishing production in a variety of industries. From the early days of SGML, he has worked as a consultant, software developer and content architect. As Information Architect for Elsevier, Eric provides guidance and direction in the creation of content and publishing models that simultaneously support traditional print production and digital delivery in the form of eBooks and content-based interactive apps.

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