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Shivaji Das

Shivaji Das

Writer, traveller, and photographer; Shivaji Das is the author of Angels by the Murky River: Travels Off the Beaten Track, Yoda Press (2017), Journeys with the caterpillar: Travelling through the islands of Flores and Sumba, Indonesia (2013), and Sacred Love: Erotic art in the temples of Nepal, Mandala Publications/ Aadarsh Books (2018).

Shivaji has also been published in magazines such as TIME, Asian Geographic, Venture Mag, Jakarta Post, Conscious Magazine, PanaJournal and Freethinker. His interviews have been featured on BBC, CNBC, Channel News Asia, Travel Radio Australia, Around the World TV, Radio Roaming, and Singapore Discovery Centre’s IFD exhibition. Shivaji has conducted workshops on travel writing in several literary festivals in Singapore and the region. He is also the conceptualiser and organiser for the Migrant Poetry Contests in Singapore and Malaysia.

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