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2016 Courses

Feb ’16

Dialogic Reading

Learn how to create a dialogue between children and you during a reading session so as to improve their language and conversational skills. Details
Mar ’16

IP & Social Media

Learn about the Intellectual Property considerations when using social media platforms as well as the common Intellectual Property risks involved Details
Mar ’16

Copywriting Workshop

Acquire skills and techniques to write convincing, engaging copy which focuses on calls to action and gets the attention of readers. Details
Apr ’16

Impressive Marketing Plans

Learn about the marketing mix, the 4Ps and how to plan for marketing activities within a manageable budget to get the best value for your publishing project. Details
May ’16

Catalyst: Releasing New Writing

This workshop will stimulate your senses and spur you to write text infused with unexpected textures to grab the imagination of your readers. Details
Jun ’16

Characters through Action

Writers can pick up techniques to create more engaging and well-rounded characters who speak through their action in their stories. Details
Jul ’16

Managing an Editorial Project

This course will help editorial project managers acquire essential skills for the production and scheduling of any publication that needs to be published on time, on budget and to the quality that the company requires. Details
Aug ’16

Creating a winning book cover

Learn about the fascinating design process and be involved in visual and verbal brainstorming to generate ideas and concepts that set the basis to create a great book cover. Details
Oct ’16

Copywriting workshop

Acquire skills and techniques to write convincing, engaging copy which focuses on the calls to action and get the attention of readers! Details
Nov ’16

E-mail marketing workshop

Learn to effectively use e-mail marketing to promote your enews service, writing engaging copy and getting readers to click through. Details