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2011 Courses

Jan ’11


This workshop aims to broaden the participants’ powers of observation, imagination, and language skills. The main focus
will be on developing skills through theme based activities which will help to boost the writer’s confidence and their ability
to write and express themselves clearly and creatively. Details
Feb ’11

Freelancing As A Writer & Features Writing

Learn how to write three kinds of features articles: Personality profile, trend and commentary and review. You’d also learn how to pitch your story ideas to magazines and how to get them published. Details
Mar ’11

Digital Licensing and Distribution

This workshop will teach you about business models, licensing versus distribution, negotiations of contracts and other learning objectives that publishers should know about publishing. Details
Apr ’11

What the Supremely Confident Commissioning Editor/Publisher Needs to Know

When we’re new to a publishing/commissioning role, we often lack confidence but even when we’ve been in the role for a few years, the weight of responsibility of managing a successful list or of being targeted with increasing a company’s market share can be overwhelming. This one‐day course will help you take practical steps to achieving more confidence in the responsible role that you have in your organisation. Details
May ’11

Picture Book Production (in Malay) Bengkel Menghasilkan Buku Bergambar

In this workshop, you will learn the process of making a picture book and will be guided to produce a simple picture book. The trainers will then comment and provide feedback on each picture book. It is hoped that you will have a better idea on producing picture books after the workshop and to expand on you initial efforts into a publishable picture book. You are requested to bring a short story about 700 words for the workshop. This workshop is conducted in Malay/Indonesian language. Details
May ’11

Masterclass on Picture Books

Join the AFCC 2011's Masterclass on Picture Books and get this fantastic opportunity to peek into the wit, wonder and wisdom of some of the most celebrated experts in children's literature today. Details
Jul ’11

Embracing e-Publishing: Implications & Strategic Planning

This workshop for publishing professionals and particularly those responsible for strategic planning and publishing programme management, is designed to take a practical look at the e-publishing phenomenon and discuss its implications for investment, product development, production, sales and marketing, and distribution. Details
Aug ’11

Editing Fiction

Fiction editing means developing the judgement and confidence to identify the strengths and weaknesses in a manuscript and to suggest options when characterisation lacks depth, descriptions are clichéd or you discover a plot hole. Details
Aug ’11

Editing Non-Fiction

Non-fiction accounts for the overwhelming majority of publications and includes genres and subjects from autobiography to zoology. It covers all media, from books to websites, from reports to journals. In recent years, there has been a blurring of the boundaries so that non-fiction is now less bound by tradition. Details
Aug ’11

Editing for the Web

The way we read and the way we enter and leave websites are unlike print-reading habits. Readers skim and scan, scroll and search. They are in a hurry. They’re fickle, skeptical and flighty. What does this mean for editors? This workshop develops and extends a set of techniques that work on a screen for your audience and your purposes. Details
Sep ’11

Indexing Books: Principles & Practice

This workshop will provide all those with an interest in book indexing with an understanding of the processes involved in compiling an index. You will gain not only an insight into the art/science of indexing, but also develop the practical skills required, by actually compiling an index to an existing publication. Details
Oct 31 – Nov 1

Short Story Writing Workshop (in Tamil)

The National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS), with the support of National Arts Council (NAC), Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA), Singapore Tamil Teachers’ Union (STTU) and Association of Singapore Tamil Writers (ASTW), is pleased to invite you to the Short Story Writing Workshop (in Tamil) to be held on 31 October & 1 November 2011. Details
Nov ’11

Financial Planning and Competitive Publishing Strategy in a Digital World

This course is essential for all publishers wrestling with how to make money in a digital world. It covers the fundamentals of good strategic planning and applies to the fast-changing digital world we’re living in. It looks at the financial implications when a business shifts from mainly print to mainly digital, showing how cash flow, investment and risk are affected as well as profitability. Details