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Past Courses

Jun ’08

The Essentials of Proofing and Editing

This 2-day workshop will explore ways to edit journalistic and academic writing through presentations, practical examples/exercises on writing, editing and critiquing. This hands-on workshop is targeted at beginners at print editing and reporting. Details
Jun ’08

Writing the Self: Memoir Writing II

A good memoir captures and frames fascinating moments and experiences in our lives. This participatory workshop, made lively with discussion, examples and group sharing, will help you write good and readable memoirs. Details
Jun ’08

Intellectual Property Rights in the Publishing Industry

This 1-day workshop will introduce participants to the concept of intellectual property rights and the different branches of intellectual property. Participants will gain an understanding of how different intellectual property rights can arise and be protected, particularly in the publishing industry. Details
May ’08

Cooperative Learning and Reading Aloud by Teachers

This workshop also reviews basic ideas as to how teachers should read aloud to students. Then, various cooperative learning techniques are presented that can be
used as part of a session in which teachers read aloud to their students. Details
Apr ’08

Features Writing

A very focused workshop to get participants started in writing different kinds of feature articles and to inform participants on what is expected of a features writer in terms of conduct and etiquette. Details
Apr ’08

Cooperative Learning and Extensive Reading

There are strong, widely disseminated evidence supporting Extensive Reading (ER). Research suggests that ER is precisely the prescription for attaining high scores on reading exams. However, implementation has been infrequent and often less than a success due to problems such as lack of reading materials, and inadequate attention given by teachers as they often face a great deal of pressure to finish the syllabus - to do every single activity on every single page of the textbook or workbook. This workshop aims to prepare teachers with ways for students to motivate each other to read more. Details
Mar ’08

Creative Writing

In this one day creative writing workshop, we will focus on developing skills through theme based activities which help boost writer’s confidence in their ability to write and express themselves in words. Details
Nov ’07

Writing Memorable Memoirs

This workshop aims to help you write good and readable memoirs. It will give you the feel of good memoir and guide you from idea organizing and initial planning, through some actual writing, and ends with some practical tips on getting your memoirs published. Details
Sep ’07

Effective Merchandise Management in the Book Business

Participants will learn how well and how fast they can turn merchandise into profit. They will be taught to acquire an assortment of merchandise that achieves customer’s demand, and at same time takes into consideration sales volume, costs and expenses in order to promote growth and profit. Details
Jul ’07

Co-creating Stories with Your Autistic Child

Many often struggle to interest autistic children (particularly those with poor language skills) in conventional storybooks. In this interac- tive workshop, participants will learn how to integrate their language learning objectives and their children’s interests and routines to co-create storybooks. Details
Jun ’07

Helping Children Write Their Own Simple Books

By helping children create their own books, we enhance children’s reading and writing skills, build their knowledge of the world, and increase their love for books and other reading materials Details
May ’07

The Business of Magazine Publishing

This workshop will provide all those with an interest in magazine publishing and production an understanding of the processes involved. They will learn both the overview and details of what makes a magazine successful. Details
Mar ’07

Writing Reviews

The trainer will share the general principles and theoretical framework of review writing, highlight and discuss elements that make up a review, and discuss how to develop an angle for a review and introduction to different perspectives for a review. Details