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Past Publishing / Editing Courses

Mar ’10

Market Research for Educational Publishers

Understanding who your market is, and how to find out what they want is a skill set no publishing professional can afford to be without. So, when you see ‘market’ in the workshop title, don’t immediately think that this is just for marketing people. Marketing needs to be in everybody’s job description; from the one who answers the phone and the conscientious deskbound editor, to the sales people who keep our cash flowing, and the CEO who decides where to spend it. Details
Oct ’09

Legal Issues in e-Publishing

This half-day workshop will introduce participants to the intellectual property and contractual legal issues that commonly arise in the field of e-publishing. Details
Jun ’09

Writing, Publishing & Promoting Your Book

To be an author, you naturally have got to write a book. Yet writing a book is often the most daunting stage. At this session, you’ll learn a step-by-step organisation plan for nonfiction book writing. Details
Apr ’09

Contract Rights in the Publishing Industry

This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of contract law. Participants will also learn to understand and identify the different rights that exist in publishing and the relevant clauses in publishing contracts. Details
Jun ’08

Intellectual Property Rights in the Publishing Industry

This 1-day workshop will introduce participants to the concept of intellectual property rights and the different branches of intellectual property. Participants will gain an understanding of how different intellectual property rights can arise and be protected, particularly in the publishing industry. Details
Nov ’07

Writing Memorable Memoirs

This workshop aims to help you write good and readable memoirs. It will give you the feel of good memoir and guide you from idea organizing and initial planning, through some actual writing, and ends with some practical tips on getting your memoirs published. Details
Sep ’07

Effective Merchandise Management in the Book Business

Participants will learn how well and how fast they can turn merchandise into profit. They will be taught to acquire an assortment of merchandise that achieves customer’s demand, and at same time takes into consideration sales volume, costs and expenses in order to promote growth and profit. Details
May ’07

The Business of Magazine Publishing

This workshop will provide all those with an interest in magazine publishing and production an understanding of the processes involved. They will learn both the overview and details of what makes a magazine successful. Details
May ’06

From Manuscript to Bestseller

With the help of lectures, case studies, group work and written exercises, this programme provides the practical applications of the intricacies of publishing. Details