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Past Publishing / Editing Courses

Sep ’13

Staying Ahead in the Digital Revolution (even if you haven’t started the race yet)

This two-day workshop is intended for publishers and authors taking their first steps in ePublishing. You will examine your preparedness for ePublishing, your market’s preparedness and expectations, and how to exploit these to your benefit. You will look at the need to transition from ‘e’ to ‘i’ and how even the most technophobic publisher can keep pace with the technology revolution in publishing.
Sep ’13

Using the Internet as a tool for publishing and promoting your book

This workshop has been devised for mainstream--‐unpublished authors and ‘talents in the wings’ who have a book inside them waiting to break out. Your facilitator will walk you through the stages of building your following through the act of publishing, to marketing your work and collecting your revenue. Suitable for budding authors of any genre, the workshop will be structured in such a way as to provide ample time for questions and sharing from the floor to ensure that you get the chance to talk about concerns that are specific to your situation. Details
Jul ’13

Introduction to Copyediting for Non-fiction

The course will introduce participants to BSI (British Standards Institution) proof reading symbols. There will be several practical exercises and time for discussion. Suitable for anyone copy-editing newsletters, marketing materials and similar non-fictional content. Details
Jan ’13

Methods for Migration from Print to eBooks and Apps

The Methods for Migration From Print to eBooks and Apps workshop will cover and contrast specific
web standards in detail. This course will be especially useful for those who lead development projects
for electronic books and applications. A Details
Jan ’13

Strategies for Migration from Print to eBooks and Apps

This course will introduce and discuss various standards, tools and technologies to provide you with a high-level working knowledge of possible solutions for application at the workplace. This course will include case studies and class discussions utilising real-world examples. Details
Mar ’12

Copyright and Contracts in the Publishing Industry

This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of contract law. Participants will learn to understand and identify the different rights that exist in publishing and the relevant clauses in publishing contracts. This workshop will also cover the Copyright in the Online World. Details
Feb ’12

Behaviours of Users of e-Publishing

Today’s content consumers are voracious omnivores. They want everything from print to Tweets to iPhone apps. Yet traditional content publishers are often dealing with production processes rooted in print practices that may be 10 to 40 years old. How can publishers prepare their company and their content for a more flexible and certain future? Details
Feb ’12

Multi-channel Publishing & Innovative e-Publishing

This workshop is targeted at those responsible for making the decisions about how products are to be developed and
delivered to their markets. It will cover recent trends in publishing, new models and new technologies, and provide
background knowledge that can be immediately used to guide an organisation in new directions. From technology point of
view, it will discuss options and possibilities without diving into implementation details. Details
Nov ’11

Financial Planning and Competitive Publishing Strategy in a Digital World

This course is essential for all publishers wrestling with how to make money in a digital world. It covers the fundamentals of good strategic planning and applies to the fast-changing digital world we’re living in. It looks at the financial implications when a business shifts from mainly print to mainly digital, showing how cash flow, investment and risk are affected as well as profitability. Details
Sep ’11

Indexing Books: Principles & Practice

This workshop will provide all those with an interest in book indexing with an understanding of the processes involved in compiling an index. You will gain not only an insight into the art/science of indexing, but also develop the practical skills required, by actually compiling an index to an existing publication. Details