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Past Writing / Illustration Courses

Nov ’15

Walk & Write Workshops

Join writer and publisher of Orchard Road Stories, Simon Clews, on a unique writing experience – the walking workshop. Details
Oct ’15

English enrichment through memoir poetry

The workshop will allow teachers and facilitators to acquire the necessary tools and techniques for helping students improve their literary style and explore more creative ways of expressing themselves. Details
Oct ’15

Speech writing

Some core speechwriting skills explored in this workshop include persuasion, audience engagement, rhythm, and effective editing. Details
Aug ’15

Vivid:making characters come alive

Create vibrant characters that your audience can immediately recognise and appreciate by learning to be a more acute observer of the sights and sounds within your environment. Details
Aug ’15

Pivot:how point of view changes your story

This workshop will clarify the different types of narrative perspective that are possible as well as give pointers on how to choose the form most appropriate for your fictional/non-fictional story. Details
Jul ’15

Fiction writing (advanced)

Develop and perfect your craft! Aspects of fiction writing such as plot, dialogue, character, setting and pace will be featured, along with more advanced topics such as semiotics, allegory and symbolism. Details
May ’15

Essentials of screenwriting

Come learn the fundamentals of screenwriting and see your characters and storyline being transported from print to screen. Details
May ’15

Catalyst: releasing new writing

This workshop will help you to perceive the world and the objects around you in a new fashion so as to fuel your creativity and give impetus to new writing! Details