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Past Publishing / Editing Courses

Mar ’18

Impressive Marketing Plans

This workshop is designed to help you capture the value of all areas of marketing activity and present them positively and professionally, even when resources are limited. Details
Mar ’18

Copywriting Workshop

Write more exciting copy using universal principles that really work whether you are selling online or offline Details
Jul ’17

Managing an editorial project

An editorial manager has to 'wear many hats' and consider several factors such as schedules, budget, content and team dynamics before 'sending the book to press'. Learn the essential skills here! Details
Jul ’17

Advanced manuscript editing

In this masterclass, you will take a look at the techniques great writers use to recraft and finesse their work; and find those that work for you. Learn to identify the sins of ‘bad’ writing that dilute the ‘wow’ factor. Details
Feb ’17

IP & Social Media

Learn about Intellectual Property (IP) risks and challenges that exist in social media platforms and protect your IP rights while building your brand online. Details
Nov ’16

E-mail marketing workshop

Learn to effectively use e-mail marketing to promote your enews service, writing engaging copy and getting readers to click through. Details